Creating a Floor Cloth

The following photos briefly illustrate the process I use to create floor cloths. I use the same process (with #10 cotton duck canvas) for table runners, place mats and window treatments.

This floor cloth is being used as a hall runner and was commissioned by Designs by 2, an interior decorating shop located in Houma, Louisiana. The owners are incredibly creative and easy to work with.

The very first step to creating a floor cloth of any size and design is to make a blank. To create a blank I cut #6 raw cotton duck canvas to size, shrink it, hem it, prime it.

Then I do the following:

Paint 2 coats of base color.

Measure and paint the border. (Optional)

Completed first coat of border.

Draw design in chalk then paint chalk outline.

Begin to map-out shapes with a neutral color.

Apply base colors to the design.

Base colors applied to opposite end of runner.

Paint details.

Rub metallic gold finish over entire floor cloth. (Optional)
Opposite end of floor cloth with gold finish applied.

Apply 3 coats of clear, satin acrylic sealer.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this custom floor cloth and welcome any opportunity to work with individuals and/or interior designers.

To request a custom floor cloth, table runner, place mats and/or window treatments, please use the special order form found on this site.
Hope to hear from you soon.