Fabric Art

This series of artwork is created with fabric yo-yos - also known as Suffolk puffs.

Not One Woman: Just Tits and Ass. Fabric yo-yos, Janson's, History of Art, 1973. Price: $1,149.00
This piece is a comment on "real art." The book incorporated into this piece was my undergraduate art history textbook. There is not one woman artist in it - not one. However, there are numerous images of "tits and ass." It still pisses me off when I think about my 20-year-old self memorizing the art and artists in this book.
How sad. 

Made With Love. Fabric yo-yos, hand-carved rolling pin. 2019. NFS
I inherited my Aunt Stella Lear-Lasangue's rolling pin. The pin is hand carved from one, solid piece of wood. I remember going to Aunt Stella's and Uncle Clarence's home in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. They lived right on the Mississippi River. We wore our Sunday-best to visit with them. We would go to Sunday mass, then have lunch. After lunch we would climb the river's levee to see the Mississippi. 
Good food, good times. 

Connie's Gown. Night gown, fabric yo-yos on canvas panel. (10.5"x10.5")
 I created this piece from a night gown given to me by a friend over 25 years ago. She is no longer with us, so I will never receive a gift from her again. I have chosen to memorialize her through this work of art. 
I am happy to accept commissions to create memorials from clothing. 
Memories of a lost friend. 
Memories of your children as they out-grow their favorite PJs or t-shirts. 
Wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts. 
Contact me for a quote. lear_p@mac.com

My Mother's Buttons. Fabric yo-yos, various buttons, on canvas panel. (10.5"x10.5")

Chocolates with Friends. Fabric yo-yos, candy wrappers, on canvas panel. (10.5"x10.5")

Pink Pussy Hats (detail). Collaged panel with fabric yo-yos. (30"x 40")

Pink Pussy Hats (detail). Collaged panel with fabric yo-yos.

Blood and Oil: Fabric yo-yos attached to canvas panels painted in oil.

Blood and Oil: Fabric yo-yos attached to canvas panels painted in oil.

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