Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Floor Cloth Anyone?

2.5 x 5 foot runner - Perfect for a beach house.

I have just begun painting floor cloths.  

What is a floor cloth?
Basically, they are painted canvas sealed with a protector so that they withstand foot traffic. These are a very old form of art and a precursor of linoleum. They are perfect area rugs for people with allergies or those of us who think fuzzy carpets and rugs are ucky. Floor cloths are great for protecting hard floors (wood, tile, brick, concrete.) They are not meant to be placed on top of carpeting.

I have a 12 year old floor cloth at my desk to protect the hard wood floor from my desk chair scratching and scuffing the floor when I slide it back and forth. It is still looking great. 

These cloths can be dusted and damp mopped, just as you would any linoleum floor.

I can custom make any size and design you would like. Just contact me at: